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Soil Testing Services


  • Preparation of Specifications or Review
    Soil testing requirements can be prepared and reviewed for you project specifications. The review will ensure that all testing is in accordance with the latest acceptable standards and that the frequencies are in line with acceptable construction practices. 
  • Complete Laboratory Testing
    A complete Geotechnical and materials testing laboratory is operated at our headquarters.  We offer a wide range of laboratory testing services including Triaxial Shear Testing, Consolidation Testing, Permeability Testing, soil index testing, moisture/density testing as well as many other tests. 
  • In-place Density Testing
    Field monitoring and testing of soil fill materials using the Sand Cone and Drive Cylinder methods.  The field density values are compared to the laboratory values for the soil and the Client is provided with real-time information as to the status of the fill material compaction.
  • Foundation Monitoring and Testing
    Using ASTM methods our engineering staff will determine the suitability of the excavated foundation to meet the minimum load bearing requirements for your project.
  • Proof Roll Monitoring
    Staff Engineers are trained and experienced in the subjective use of the Proof Roll method to determine road and parking lot subgrade and compacted base suitability for pavement placement.  By using this investigative technique potential failures in the subgrade can be identified and repaired prior to asphalt placement.


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